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SKIN CHAMBER was the major off-shoot of the long existent experimental group CONTROLLED BLEEDING. Initially inspired by early Napalm Death and other classic grindcore recordings coming from Earache Records in the late '80s, Paul Lemos and Chris Moriarty needed a new outlet for their manic experiments in power violence. Calling themselves FAT HACKER, the pair laid down a handful of truly hateful tracks, the longest of which might have clocked in at 50 seconds.

As a fluke they sent a demo to Roadrunner Records, with no expectation of any response. Ironically, the A&R guy dug what he heard and was looking for a band to represent this new industrially ravaged breed of hatecore. After meeting with the group, a record deal was possible, but the label needed to hear more developed demos before fully committing.

Excited by the prospect of working with a label with deep pockets that could actualize the sort of recordings they had imagined, Moriarty and Lemos laid down a series of tracks over the next three months, refining their aesthetic vision, producing a very different sound than they had initially intended. The resulting songs were often agonizingly slow and excessively brutal, admittedly more inspired by Swans' early masterpiece COP -- one of Lemos' absolute favorites to this day -- than Napalm Death. To properly represent this change in musical direction a new band name was required, and soon Skin Chamber was fully birthed.

SKIN CHAMBER's two albums, WOUND and TRIAL redefined musical extremity, influencing the next generation of hardcore -- just listen to the 20 minute sonic meltdown, "Swallowing Scrap Metal," their final musical statement which ends TRIAL. No one was doing this in 1990.

Lemos put the group to rest shortly after the release of the second record, not allowing SKIN CHAMBER's music to soften or to morph into something it was not meant to be. And so, Skin Chamber disappeared as suddenly as it it was conceived, but CONTROLLED BLEEDING survives and continues to explore difficult sonic realms.

Sadly, Chris passed away in 2008, just as he and Lemos were starting work on what was to be the third Skin Chamber album. One can only imagine what might have been.