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Controlled Bleeding

Controlled Bleeding's 1985 head-splitting release KNEES AND BONES is considered to be one of the earliest recordings of American power electronics. Over more than three decades, Controlled Bleeding has accumulated dozens of releases on international labels like Wax Trax!, Soleilmoon and Dossier. Controlled Bleeding has no one specific "sound" -- the band can explore ambient soundscapes on one release, then harsh noise experiments on the next.

..: record labels :..

Soleilmoon Recordings

Charles from Soleilmoon Recordings has worked with Controlled Bleeding for many years. In addition to the many Controlled Bleeding releases available here, you can also purchase works by everyone from William S. Burroughs to Legendary Pink Dots.

Winged Disk

Long-time friend Rich Black's strange little Long Island record label. He's got releases by Sea Monster, Endangered Feces, Necroparthenophagy and more.

..: press :..

Horror Garage Interview

Chuck Foster interviews Paul Lemos for Horror Garage. They discuss the Stooges, Brian Setzer and the release of BEFORE THE QUIET.

Chain D.L.K. Interview, October '02

Shaun Hamilton interviews Paul Lemos shortly after the release of CAN YOU SMELL THE RAIN.

Godsend Interview, 1989

A short but informative interview with Paul which appeared in Godsend, one of the coolest "industrial" zines of the late '80s/early '90s. The interview was conducted just as Wax Trax! was releasing TRUDGE.

Satan Stole My Teddybear

This is the Controlled Bleeding page on the Satan Stole My Teddybear website. SSMT founder John Chedsey knows what he's talking about, and this large list of Controlled Bleeding album reviews helps document the band's history.

..: other cool stuff :..

Band Discography at Discogs

A huge list of releases by Controlled Bleeding and its various side projects. Must be seen to be believed!

Unofficial Controlled Bleeding Site

This site hasn't been updated in a very long time, but it's still worth a visit!